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Inventory and Orders


Inventory Management software is a tool to keep your inventory organized. It will track your product levels, orders, sales and deliveries….

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Support is key to our success and our clients. When you have trucks backed up is not the time to read the manual - pick up the phone and call us!

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Production Management


Our focus is inventory and order fulfillment, from inquiry to pricing, quoting, ordering, confirming, shipping and invoicing.

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About Groware

The saying goes something like this: not all things are created equal, nor were they created in one day. We believe in this theory, and, we believe we have the perfect software solution for you, AND your business. What we did, is we took a bundle of proficiency, creativity, and experience, tossed it into a computer, then carefully listened and interpreted your market sector. And to top it all off, we surrounded ourselves with an A-Team of programmers -- the best of the best and, low and behold, we have a packaged software ready for you. Groware wants you to experience the best of the best in nursery and production software. A software solution that will allow your trees, shrubs, foliage and plant materials to grow while we keep track of your inventory and day to day business management.

Groware has built and developed an extensive Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment

We try to make the humdrum stuff, well, less humdrum.

We bend the software to be accessible to your specific needs.

We allow you to do your job better.

groWare is a suite of software applications designed exclusively for the horticulture industry – for nursery operations that grow or resell plant materials.  That is a very specific definition because our clients have very specific needs not the least of which is that their inventory changes sizes and very few software offerings are capable of dealing with that.

The key to our offerings is Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management that consider the wide variety of factors that are particular to this industry from potting records to dig lists, from Master Orders to automated EDI.  Knowing what you have to sell, knowing what items and quantities you’ve committed and, getting them to your customer in a timely manner is fundamental to your success.  We have the software that will help you manage those processes better.

Accounting is always a concern.  We offer a full suite of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger at a level that is above most “boxed” software solutions. However, if you wish to, or have a mandate to continue using another provider we can export data for most common packages and offer integration services to advance platforms such as Microsoft Dynamic.

Compatibility with other applications is also offered in a number of areas.  For Labeling we have seamless connections to Nice Label Suite with NiceWatch and LabelView Gold. For Credit Card Processing with have integrated with Mercury Payments and their wide variety of processing options.  For EDI we have a very successful track record with both direct connect and third party processing with our partner Negotium.

Beyond the basics, we offer tools to facilitate Availability Lists, Catalogues and Customer specific pricing and labeling.

A full Production system is available where you can build plans based on forecasts, firm orders or available materials.  It uses a task scheduling framework that allows a Gantt chart like flexibility based on growing conditions and real-time variables such as germination yields or simply changes in weather to impact your ready dates.

Key Features

  • Product Management
  • Inventory
  • Prospects & Customers
  • Accounting & Financials
  • Quotes & Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Customer Service

Live Help

New Developments

With new modules and features being developed all the time, Groware software continually develops to meet the changing needs of the grower and nursery market.


From Customer contact management to Invoicing and Accounting, from stock management to production, Groware is designed to meet the complete software requirements of a grower or bursery business.