Groware Software

Our software is designed specifically for Nurseries, Nursery Distributors, and Retail Garden Centers.

We have spent a lot of years learning our business and yours, and with that knowledge, and our software, we can help you run your business with more efficiency.

What does Groware Software do?

Quotes Labelling Inventory Products
Invoice Prospects Bank  
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Inventory Management:

Most software offerings do not understand the concept of a living, growing inventory.  In this industry, items can change not only size but container and saleable status.  Our tools aide in managing these changes to keep you current on what you have and what you have available to sell.  [Read More: Inventory]

Order Processing, Order Fulfillment:

Whether you use Spring Booking Orders, Counter Sales, Master Orders, Releases, Vendor Managed Inventory or any combination of these, we manage the complete process from quotations through to invoicing. [Read More: Order Fulfillment]


Determining a return on your time and financial investment will help you choose which way to handle production.  We offer three different strategies to manage your production with an easy to understand transition from one to another.  Realizing that a single strategy may not be appropriate for all the things you grow, may in fact overcome the fear of tackling this part of your business. [Read More: Production]


The last thing you want to do is get trapped in packaged reports that limit the way you can look at your data.  We offer on-screen listings where you can create your own selection criteria and choose the columns you want to include.  We also extend our reports with export directly to excel and views that you can manipulate yourself into other applications.  [Read More: Reporting]


We offer a comprehensive, easy to use, suite of accounting modules including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.  We also recognize that many companies have accounting solutions in place and wish to keep them.  For those, we offer simple export functions though to complete system integration depending on the accounting software you have in place.  [Read More: Accounting]


The forms you send to your customers are their view into your company.  Using the concept of presenting your best face to the world, we will customize your forms with design, colour (color) and logos to help maximize your image.  You may even have differences between printed and email versions of forms such as quotes, orders and invoices.  [Read More: Forms]


We’ve integrated our applications with two top tier label design and print software packages.  This facilitates printing from simple location labels, inventory tags through to customer specific retail labels using their logos, descriptions, barcodes and retail pricing [Read More: Labels]

Retail / Point of Sale:

Our standard suite includes a retail point-of-sale or cash register application that can be used for counter sales in a wholesale nursery or, as cash lanes in a Retail Garden Center.  We also have full credit card support with our business partner Mercury Payments. For those looking for a stand-alone or emergency point-of-sale solution, we have a solution can will run independently from any back-office system. [Read More: Retail / POS].


Mobile Apps / Handhelds:

Many handheld solutions are proprietary, expensive, and difficult to read in full sunlight.  Our mobile applications offer the advantage of running on Android and Apple devices that are significantly less expensive, much easier to train and are customizable to your own specific requirements.  [Read More: Mobile Apps]

Strategic Business Partnerships

In order to be the best we can be, we’ve partnered with others that we feel are the best in their business.  These include Oracle for database security and data integrity; Mercury Payment Systems for credit card processing and payment solutions; Negotium for EDI and other integration needs; and, TeamViewer for online training and support.


We own the source code and provide the first line of support for our applications.  When our customers are at the height of their busy season, they don’t have time to read manuals or understand let alone resolve hardware, network, printing and other issues – they simply call us first.  [Read More: Support].