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A Business Solution Designed Specifically For the Nursery World
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A Business Solution Designed Specifically For The Nursery World

It has taken us many years to get as good as we are at what we do. It’s not about better software anymore. It’s about understanding our business and yours and applying that knowledge to help you run yours better.

How do we do that? It starts with experience. The software represents the life’s work of some very, very talented people. They are experts at their craft and it shows – right down to the little details of the applications. But knowing how to make it look nice on the screen and making sure it doesn’t break isn’t enough.

Their work must be combined with a thorough understanding of the nursery industry. That’s knowing the difference between a pot and a flat, between an acknowledgement and a confirmation and between return-to-stock and return-dead.

Next is the training – teaching you and your staff not only what the software does but how to make it work for you. Then we apply your Business Rules – your policies on how you run your operations – who can extend credit and when; price over-rides and allocation of stock.

The last step is closing the loop. It’s being open to learning from you as well and adding that back into the software to make us all better.

One of the most effective tools in running your business is reporting on what you have, what you’ve done and whether you made any money in the process. One of the most frustrating things is not having the data to give you this tool. Our design team has strived to make sure you have the capability to capture the data you need.

But, knowing what data to collect and keep is only part of the answer. Just as important is where you keep the data.

We chose Oracle – the leading database in the world. The choice was simple really, if we’re trusting our business on data and data integrity, why not start with the best. There is no wizardry here and you don’t need a guru on site to maintain it – our support staff will do that for you – if and when it is required.

Oracle power, reliability, and stability – a great foundation and at a cost that can be as little as $10. per user per month – pretty reasonable for the best protection of your business data.

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