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Inventory Management
Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

Successful inventory management starts with creating, within the software, the items that you grow and sell based on how you run your business. Regardless of whether you use botanical or common names; standardized sizes, containers or container sizes; unique item identifiers or barcodes, the way to create these items is the way you run your business.

Product Item or Sku Details
Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

We utilize a number of time saving features such as relationships between items and easy duplication or edit to minimize setup and maintenance. These same features facilitate speedy and accurate lookups by what is familiar to you – essential at the height of busy season.

Options for Item Lookups:

  • Botanical name
  • Common name
  • SKU or Item ID
  • Size
  • Container
  • Container Size
  • User defined Groups or Categories / Types
  • Physical Location
  • Available [Y/N]
  • Ready Date
  • Barcode
  • Seed Source
  • Lot ID or Lot Number
  • On Hand, On Order, Committed and Available Quantities

Quick lookups are available at the click of a mouse. In the screen capture above, you will see icons beside the labels for Committed and $Value. Clicking on the latter will open a window showing you every location that has counts – either positive or negative for on-order, committed, or on-hand quantities.

Similarly, clicking on the icon beside the label Committed will open a window showing, along with other data, who has the item on order, with what quantities, at what price with expected ship dates and

In either (pop-up) window, the columns can be included / excluded and re-ordered to suit individual preferences and sorted simply by clicking on the column headers.

From the window setup itself, you can create simple, meaningful reports by choosing specific columns to view and defining selection criteria to specify which items you wish to see:

Inventory Transactions:
Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

Inventory transactions outside the order fulfillment process, can generally be reduced to four simple types: add, disposal, move and potting.

Inventory Add transactions are the simplest. It is your choice to add costs (unit amount), lot identifiers and inventory summary descriptions. From this window, you can click on the (folder) icon to open the pricing window to review and modify selling prices if necessary.

Inventory Disposal equally as simple to use and adds the feature of tracking specific reasons for disposal such as failed to grow or quality cull.

Inventory Movement allows you to move quantities from one location to another. At the same time, it provides for a change in item or Sku ID with the result that you can modify size as well as physical location. In the example below, the item is both moved and resized.

Potting records allow you to track not only what was potted from what items but you can also record and track costs, differences and availabilities.

Inventory Reporting:
Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

The requirements for inventory reporting vary greatly from customer to customer depending on their focus. We provide numerous standard reports as well as export to excel or other applications for detailed analysis. Inventory reports can also be generated as Availability Lists and pushed to websites, handhelds and cloud based applications.

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