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A Business Solution Designed Specifically For the Nursery World
Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

As a nursery operation matures and becomes more successful, production moves from the back of an envelope through spreadsheets to a point where it needs to be more formalized either due to the demands of the marketplace, the accountants or, the need to encapsulate the knowledge and skills of your growers.

With almost twenty years serving this industry, we’ve developed options to facilitate those transitions.

For those satisfied with spreadsheet applications, we produce year-over-year sales reports. These will allow you to spot trends in the marketplace.

The next level is to capture some cost elements and expected ready date information during the potting process. Using this method, costs may not be totally accurate but they will provide some measure of testing to determine if you are or are not making money as you sell your inventory.

At the top end, we offer a production system which tracks materials, labour (labor), overhead and tasks. Starting from either a sales forecast or available materials, a plan is built with a timeline to a saleable item. The process uses the concept of a Gantt chart to create a series of steps with a schedule that is easily modified as to both quantity in plan and dates so that you are always aware of what is in production and when it is going to be ready. Plans can be copied from variety to variety or year to year to minimize data entry.

Recognizing that not all items need to be managed to the same level of detail, you can implement several production schemas to achieve an optimum mix of costs and benefit.

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