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A Business Solution Designed Specifically For the Nursery World
Discussions on the Use of Business Rules

Historically, most clients wanted us onsite to install hardware and software and provide training for their staff.

This included program changes for their style of operation and exact matches to their existing forms and reports. This can be very beneficial when combined with discussions on the use of Business Rules or when local computer skills are not readily available. It is also much easier to understand your business practices first hand than over a phone.

On the other hand, today more and more clients want to avoid the onsite costs and go-it-alone for the installation. Training is done by example or over the internet at a pace that the client can absorb the knowledge or as their schedule permits.

Both methods work – you simply need to determine which is best for you.


As part of our service, we will help you select, configure and source the hardware and software most appropriate to your needs.

There are a number of hardware manufacturers that we prefer over others. This list includes scanners, handhelds and wireless equipment from Symbol Technologies, receipt printers by Epson and laser printers by HP.

Applications for devices such as handhelds are generally created on a custom basis.

Our software is fully ODBC compliant which makes it accessible from spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and reporting tools such as Crystal Reports.

Access to the data is secured by Oracle as well as applications and operating system constraints.

As part of a successful implementation, we promote the use of anti-virus software and the adoption of a disaster recovery program which may include off premise backups to your business critical applications and data.

Applications support is provided by phone, modem or internet connection as required. There is a monthly fee for this service for each active workstation. This Application Support fee also includes periodic releases to the software.

Due to the nature of your business, we provide an Emergency Support line which is dispatched by cellular phone. For these types of calls, our goal is to respond within an hour. Non emergency support and procedural questions are handled by voice, IM and email on an as-received basis.

Support for other issues such as hardware, networking and third party software is also available on an hourly or per incident basis. Modifications to the applications and customization for forms and reports is available at our prevailing rates on a quotation basis.

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